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  1. New opening Luxury Beauty Salon in Qatar is looking for a professionals in hair styling Location:Qatar Preferred Nationality: lebanese We’re looking for someone like you: Creative and bright personality; Self-motivated; Energetic; Goal-oriented; Have a current cosmetology license; Professional, who is in love with his job; We’re suggesting You special,uncommon conditions: Luxurious working place; Worthy salary/started from 1000 USD Good opportunity; Positive emotions; Great range of benefits.. Wants to know more? Continue to read and apply for this position! Job Duties: · Performs hair style consultation in order to decide what services the client needs · Provides services to clients such as shampooing, cutting, styling, coloring and highlighting as desired · Maintains safety standards and cleanliness · Emphasizes product benefits and assist clients in the selection of retail products or services for their hair care needs · Maintains a consistent relationship with client base in order to ensure return clients · Proactively develop new customers · Attends and participates in continuing education and training in order to follow new trends and techniques Job Skills · Thorough knowledge of hair styles, hair care products and related procedures · Excellent interpersonal, communication and customer service skills · Physical mobility, able to stand for prolonged periods of time Job Requirements: · High School Diploma or GED preferredPreferred · training or certification from hair styling or cosmetology school Send us your Resume and full size photograph or fill out application below: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12-KkLNmOQCti7PO6X-U56zXv1ZMpWD5vtdZR2uMhhNA/edit mail:[email protected],URL:http//www.trec.ba
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